Course completing, though "Complete course trigger" not activated

Jun 18, 2021

Hello Heroes

Has anyone experienced their course completing spontaneously, though the Complete Course Trigger hasn't been activated? 

My course is setup like this: 

• Scorm 2004, 3rd edition
• Report status to LMS as Passed/Incomplete
• Track using Complete Course Trigger

The Complete Course Trigger is on a layer on the menu - that layer doesn't get opened until all chapters are done (controlled by variables) - and furthermore you have to push a button to activate the complete course trigger.  

However, once in a while, some users gets spontaneously completed in the LMS.


My experience:

I just experienced it myself for the first time after these occurences: 

• I completed one chapter
• Put my computer to sleep and unplugged it 
• woke the computer up again, plugged in 
• Shut down the course in the LMS
• Reopened the course 
• Shut it down again soon after (35 seconds it seems, judging from the log) without doing anything at all in the course.
• And then I was suddenly completed.

Would love to hear from anyone else, that might have encountered something similar. 


I've attached the log file from the LMS, covering the occurences above.   

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Christian!

Thank you for providing the logs! Have you tried testing your course in another LMS like SCORM cloud? Also, which LMS are you using? 

If you're finding the same behavior occurs in SCORM cloud, then there might be something in the Storyline course itself. If the course behaves as expected in SCORM cloud, then we'd recommend reaching out to your LMS support team to see what might be getting in the way on that front.

Please keep us updated on your testing!