Course Completion Criteria Passed to LMS

Mar 06, 2020

I have been testing an exam in our LMS that was authored using Storyline. This exam is used for performance metrics within my organization and we only track the first score (regardless if it's passing or not). I have set the completion criteria for the results slide in the file and that is working fine. However, in our testing, we went into the course to answer a few questions. Before answering all the questions or even getting to the results slide, we closed the course (we are trying to mirror an anticipated behavior and potential issue if deployed). When we ran a report in our LMS (Percipio), it reported a First Score of not passing because it tracked the score up to the point of us closing the window. However, we never made it to the Results slide. Is there a way to prevent a score from reporting to the LMS until the results slide is reached? We don't want to penalize our employees with an inaccurate first score if they did not answer all the questions or a technical issue occurred forcing them to close the window. HELP! 

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You could maybe add a "hidden" t/f slide with the appropriate radio button selected based on the variables in your existing results slide. Add a new results slide for the t/f "ghost" question. Hide your existing results slide and use the new one to report completion to the lms. This will give you a pass fail but the downside is, it won't give you the percentage passed. It also won't fire until the "ghost" slide is reached at the end of your existing assessment.

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