Course freezes when second pre-test passed

We have a course that has 9 scenes.  the first two offer a pre-test and if you get a 100% on the pre-test you can skip some of the slides in that scene. If I pass both pre-tests the next button doesn't work at the end of the second section.  If I pass the first pre-test and fail the second the next button works fine.  If I fail the first and pass the second pre-test the next button doesn't work.

So something in passing the second pre-test causes the next button to stop working on the last slide in that scene.  All the triggers are setup correctly and there aren't any conditions on the next button. Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Thanks for all those details. This doesn't ring a bell on any existing Storyline issues, so to help further we'd need your permission to look at the .story file and do some testing. You're welcome to share that here in the E-Learning Heroes community for staff and other members to help or you can send it along privately to our Support Team.

Let me know if you go the latter route and I'll follow along - I love a good mystery! 🔎 

James Jordan

Hi Ashley,

It was me not verifying the problem before posting. After I posted, I decided to look at it myself to see what was going on and they had a next button on the slide that was freezing with a trigger to go to the next slide, but it was the last slide in the scene so it didn't know where to go. Lesson learned. Thank you for following up.

Have a great day!