Course gets stuck when I click on triggers and variables.

Sep 05, 2018

I have a developed course and I'm just trying to see how I set up the variables and triggers, but every time I click on them, they do not open and the course gets frozen there.  I have rebooted three times and have not been able to stop this issue from happening again.  HELP!

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Nicole. Really sorry you've across this roadblock–we're here to help you nail down the culprit!

Could you help me with:

  • Do you experience the freezing when in Preview mode or after publish? If just after publish, could you let me know where you're hosting the output?
  • Does the issue happen on multiple slides or a particular one?
  • Could you send us a copy of your .story project file, so that we can take a close look at the setup? We'll give it a test and let you know our findings!
Nicole Rivera

Well, I was able to fix that problem. It may have just been my computer because somehow it fixed itself.

However, now I seem to be having another issue.  I was able to fix it in one course after researching the threads here.  However, I was not able to duplicate the fix in another.

The issue is that my review button is not showing the correct/incorrect answers.  I did the following:

  • Set all slides to resume saved state 
  • I added a trigger to the first two slides (which was what finally made it work in my other course) to "review results when the timeline starts.
  • In the results slide, I added the retake button to the failure layer, so they only see it if they fail.  I added the trigger "reset results when user clicks" to that button.
  • I made sure the review button had the "show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing responses" checked.
  • and I made sure that the player is set to prompt to resume.

As for the prompt to resume, that's another issue I am having with this course, where the user is not receiving the prompt to resume when they return to the course after closing it out.  It starts at the beginning every time.  Wondering if you can help me with that as well.

So my issues are:

  1. The review is not performing as it should.
  2. The course is not prompting to resume the unfinished course after returning to it.

I appreciate your help.

I've attached the course here.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nicole!  Thanks for detailing what was happening and what steps you took to try and fix it.

I had a look at your file, and I made a few tweaks to Scene 4, the knowledge check scene.  The Review Quiz feature should include a built-in trigger to "review results" when you click that button.  You won't need to include that trigger on any other slides - it will launch the quiz review, and you'll see green check marks next to the right choices, and the correct answer text next to the dropdown choices as you use the Next button to navigate through the quiz slides.

Similarly, when you retake the quiz, that button includes a trigger to "reset results" when the user clicks, and you won't need that trigger on any other slide.  I removed the "reset" and "review" triggers from the question slides and only left them on the appropriate results slide layers.

Check out your modified project file attached and let me know if that works for you!

As for the resume issue, is your course being published for LMS or web, or something else?  I see you've got it set properly in Player Properties, and I want to be sure to test it in the right environment.  Thanks!

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