Course in Moodle is returning text in text fields as gibberish.

Dec 18, 2017

I have a client that is hosting a course in Moodle. There are several fields that have text inputs. When she puts in some text, exits the course, and then resumes the course, the text fields are all gibberish and not what she entered at all.  Anybody ever come across this.

We tested the course (and had the client test it from her computer) on another LMS and it worked fine.  

I'm not to familiar with Moodle, but are there some options that can be changed?



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Jerson  Campos


Storyline 360 was used to develop the course. It was published as SCORM 1.2 (Complete/Incomplete). I don't know what version of Moodle was used. Below is a screenshot. I saw the user enter "I have no answer" in all the fields myself.  She exited the course, then launched it again and resumed from where she left off.

Jerson  Campos

Sorry I'm not able to.  It's not the project file.  We did several tests to confirm that it was Moodle.

When client accessed the course using her PC on Moodle, the issue was there.

When client accessed the course using her Phone on Moodle, the issue was there.

When client accessed the course using her PC on our LMS, the issue was not there.

Jerson  Campos

@Phil, I don't know what the Moodle settings are at, she has another team upload them for her.

@Michael, There are 8 other courses that have been delivered and all have the same issue. I'm not sure if the end client has any more courses with similar interactions. I was only recently brought on this project as a consultant/last minute fixer-upper.


Phil Mayor

Moodle is quite robust, you should override the scorm limits when setting up a course in Moodle, it may be truncation of the resume data is causing this (highly unlikely).

Ask then if you can get a test account to run through the course yourself, check if the course is going into review mode. May be the culprit.

Are they viewing as a learner? It may be they have an admin account viewing courses that way can cause all sorts of oddities.

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