Course Not Working Properly in Chrome Even After Update

Nov 09, 2017


It recently came to my attention that some courses I had published with Storyline were not showing properly in Chrome. After some research I found that there was a compatibility issue with Chrome after a certain version and that I needed to update my version of Storyline and republish the courses. I did that but my courses are still not showing properly in Chrome. The table of contents with links shows on the left of the screen but there is no content.The error message in the source says "Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The element has no supported sources."

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you!

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Ali Goulet

Hey Polly! 

So sorry that's happening- I'm happy to help!

Where are you uploading your course to when viewing it in Chrome (learning management system, Articulate Online, or website)?

Can you share your unpublished .story file here so I can do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment.

Really appreciate it!

Polly C

Hi Ali,

Sorry for the delayed response. I thought I had found the solution via another thread but unfortunately there are still issues. I saw in another thread that I needed to download the Articulate Updater for Chrome to update my existing files, so I had that installed today. I ran the updater and there was some improvement but I am still having issues. For 2 of the published files I can now see images and take the survey but then my survey results do not come up at the end. For 1 published file I am still not able to see the images and take the survey in Chrome. All 3 work in IE.

These are published to a website and unfortunately I am not able to share them here on a public forum :(.

Do you have any ideas? Or is there another way I can get support from Articulate.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Polly, 

Thanks for giving that a try and running through all the steps. I'd love to have you work with our Support team to take a look at the files if you can't share them here. 

Start by uploading one of the .story files here and if you can share a link to the course on your website that'll help our team too. 

Once you do that, let us know and we can follow along too and share any updates here.

Polly C

Hello, I have an update on my situation.

Since using the Chrome utility to update my files did not work I ended up republishing them using Storyline2. The good news is I am now able to see the slide content in Chrome, but unfortunately I cannot view the results of the "assessment" that is part of the story. I click on the "See Your Results" button and a pop-up asks for my name and when I click "ok" nothing happens. In IE, a separate widow with the report.html file opens and displays the results. The error in the background in Chrome is: player_compiled.js:282 unknown action printresults PrintPromptSlide Slide

I have tried disabling my pop-up blocker and clearing my cache. 

I opened a case with Articulate yesterday and am awaiting a response, but I have customers breathing down my neck and would like to get this resolved ASAP :). If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it (as would my customers!)


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