Course resets after completion despite resume settings in Player

Hi, my team is facing an issue in which all our courses, after being completed by students, completely reset.

Our courses all have Restricted menu navigation so that users may not jump ahead, but may return to slides they've already visited.

We have tried both "Always resume" or "Prompt to resume" on restart in the Player settings.

Experiencing the following behaviors:

  • GOOD: If a user is part way through a course, exits it, then returns, the course successfully resumes where the user left off.
  • PROBLEM: If a user completes a course (passed, marked as complete in LMS), exits it, then returns, the course resets - meaning the user is dropped on the first slide of the course rather than last, the menu becomes fully restricted as if the user was just beginning the course for the first time, and all slides set to Resume Previous State must be watched all the way through again. This is preventing use of completed courses for reference material. 

How do we get completed courses to save their menus' fully "unlocked" states?

(Note: We are using Storyline 2.)

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Laurie Stephan

I too am having the same issue.    Storyline 360, Using TinCanAPI publishing to LMS.  Course shows passed, based on a quiz results slide, but when user re-enter the course, even though player is set to resume saved state, course starts completely over. We want the first time use to be with restricted navigation but subsequent uses to be as reference so do not want it locked down. 

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Lisa and SIM!

Thanks for taking the time to write up that helpful description. We'd love to help you both find the culprit, especially since the problem is happening SCORM Cloud!

You mention that any further access should be in review mode when learners complete and pass the course. Could a 'Review Quiz' button work for your design? That way, learners can go back to review the answers they submitted without changing their answers or retaking the quiz.

Also, would it be possible for each of you to share your file to help us illustrate this experience? If that works, please use this secure upload link.

I'm sorry for the trouble, but hopefully we can offer some tailored help!

Lisa Spirko

Hi Katie, mine are either standalone software demos with no quizzes, or courses with quizzes in separate SCORM outputs. There are no quizzes embedded in my courses (an LMS fix... long story...). This is occurring even in outputs where there are no quizzes. In those cases, completion is marked with either a course completion trigger on the last slide or by the number of slides viewed.



Prajwal ND


Is there any resolution on this ?

We have a Question bank of 20 questions (randomized), on the results Slide we are pushing a Complete/Passed status if the score is >90% and an Incomplete/Failure status if the score is <90%.
We also have a Resume saved state marked for all the slides, while bookmarking is working fine for all the pages, When we reach the Results slide and reopen the course from the LMS, the Course is re-opening from the 1st slide. We want it to open on the Results slide only. We have enabled the Player settings as Always resume. Please consider this as priority and provide a resolution at the earliest. 
Due to company policy, we're not able to share the story file. Let me know if you would requrie anything else.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Prajwal,

Thank you for reaching out! 

A couple of questions for you on this: 

  • After completing the course and re-opening it, do the results reset as well? 
  • Have you had a chance to test the course in SCORM Cloud to see if the issue persists? 
  • When publishing the course, which Output Option is selected? 

An idea that I hope will help is to change the Player Property from Always Resume to Prompt to Resume: 

Please keep us updated on this and let us know if you have any questions! 

Prajwal ND

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for the quick response! 

To give you a little bit more clarity:

After completing the course and re-opening it, do the results reset as well? - It resets to the first page some times and random questions at some slides (inspite of selecting Resume Saved state in each slide).

Have you had a chance to test the course in SCORM Cloud to see if the issue persists? - Yes, I have tested it and it is not working.

When publishing the course, which Output Option is selected?- SCORM 1.2, Report to LMS- Completed /Incomplete. Tracking- Track via course completion trigger.

An idea that I hope will help is to change the Player Property from Always Resume to Prompt to Resume- We have it already set to Always resume. This is because if we enable the Prompt to Resume, it will also add-in a feature to Resume and Restart, this is not what we are looking for.

Please keep us updated on this and let us know if you have any questions! - I am in touch with Jopney Sotomayorj from the Support team on this.
As we have a team license, we have 2 out of 3 people currently facing this issue.

Do let me know if you would require anything else.

Prajwal ND


Although a support case has been opened, we are yet to find a solution.
Jopney has validated our course and all the course settings seem to be fine.

My only concern is that a particular course with similar settings is working fine, but when we use the same course template and exact same settings, the desired output is not generated on the LMS. I've opened a support request with our LMS provider as well.

I'm curious to know if other members of the Articulate community on this thread have received a solution for similar issues? If so, could you please help me out?

Krystine Hundley

I know this is Storyline, but I am finding it also occurs with Rise courses in our LMS. Bookmarking is working fine. If I close and reopen while in progress, it brings me back to the lesson I left off at. If I complete the course and close, it also brings me back to the Conclusion page (Last page in the course the user last visits.) All other lessons are then locked and I have to go back to the first lesson to resume. 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Krystine. 

This sounds like it could be LMS Specific. Some LMSes won't allow the user to resume a completed course, so a new launch will be considered a new attempt once a course is completed. Can you ask the LMS Admin for more details on the standards they use to report? 

Take a look here for some additional information on Rise 360's completion report settings. 

Kris Randall

Has this issue not been resolved yet? The issue seems to go back many years...

I have a Rise course which once the success criteria is met (view percentage 95%) the course is passed but when the user relaunches the course it resets the course. This isn't acceptible as the sections are set to restricted (by deisgn) therefore the user is forced to go through the entire course again to get to the topic they wish to re-read.

I'm baffled as to why this hasn't been fixed as it isn't an LMS issue as it is present in Scorm cloud too. All we are looking for a slider to be added to the export settings to "always resume the course (even after successful completion)" This will then allow courses to be used as reference material after completion.

Is there plans to fix this issue or is there a workaround present which we can adopt for the time being?