Course with no quiz not marking complete

I have a question:  I am developing a course that does not have a quiz with it.  It purely informational.  However, I still want the LMS (Skillsoft) to show the user has completely watched the material.

The LMS is only showing an 'In Progress' status.  I have clicked every layer and slide, so it should show Complete correct?

Anybody have any suggestions on how to remedy this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Justin and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry to hear that you ran into a hiccup with this setup. I'm assuming that you are tracking by the number of slides viewed since you do not have a quiz.

If there is any branching within your course, keep in mind that you may not be touching all slides. Make sure you are tracking by the number of slides reflective of the shortest path.

If this does not seem like it applies to your scenario, are you able to replicate within SCORM Cloud or is this limited to your LMS?

Justin Uihlein

Thanks for the insight. I originally tried to track it by the slide count contained in the Publishing function, but that did not work.

So I ended up inserting a quiz question as a "trick" quiz slide on the second to last slide of the presentation and set the triggers to summit the "passing score" when the user clicks an inserted button.

That seemed to do it. The LMS picked up the completion and gave credit.