The new Completed trigger

Mar 16, 2018

I just gave a try of the new trigger for "Complete Course" to replace the "Submit Results" trigger.

This course has no quiz so this made sense.

The LMS dosen't show completion.

I replaced the "Complete Course" trigger with the older "Submit Results" trigger and set the passing score to 0%.

The LMS shows completion now.

Has anyone had success using the Complete Course trigger in a SCORM LMS?

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Sam Carter

Scorm version shouldn't matter.  I could post a 2-slide test and retry.  I made the effort in a course and it takes time to re-publish and re-test.

Not sure if there is any advantage to "Complete Course" over "Submit Results" (with passing score of 0.  My understanding is they both send "completed" but the latter also sends a Quiz Score of 0.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

Without seeing your file it’s hard to say I’m just putting things out tjere.

All LMSs are different and adding an exit course trigger may help you get the result you want. So triggers on the next button would be:

Complete course then Exit course

Happy to take a look at your file if you want to upload it

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

I was actually looking for the source .story file but I uploaded your published zip to Scormcloud and it completes as is so looks like your LMS requires some other instruction.  Just an observation - just having the next button doesn't seem to close the module down (it didn't in Scormcloud) so it appears to the learner that the button isn't working or there is no indication of where they go when they click Next.

Sam Carter

I thought I'd revisit the "Complete Course" trigger. We publish our courses as SCORM 1.3/2004 and I cannot get it to record completed.

I see elsewhere that it works when published as SCORM 1.2. 

Two questions:

  1. Has anyone had success in scorm 2004?
  2. Is it necessary to follow up with a "Submit Results" trigger? 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam, 

Are you looking to pass a completion status or a score? The completion trigger will only pass the status, and if you need to pass the score you'll need to track completion by the results slide. The results should be passed to your LMS once a user visits that slide. If you'd like to take a look at the data that is being passed to your LMS, look at enabling LMS debug mode.

Sam Carter

There's no score or quiz in the course.  The completion trigger is intended to pass "Completed" or "Passed" as I understand it.

Our LMS doesn't show either when a course is published SCORM 2004.  I was wondering if anyone had success with it.

Although you don't say so, it is implied that SCORM 2004 has been tested and that reports are that it works fine in SCORM 2004.  Good to know.

Thank you,


Oliver Stankovsky

How is the completion trigger supposed to work and behave? And where can we find more information? Our LMS requires a 100% score for lessons that require a knowledge check. And when we use a slide count, SCORM 2004, 3rd Edition still sends a 0% score to the LMS which forces us to add a question and create a workaround.

Does this resolve the issue? We don't want to pass scores but our LMS keeps receiving them.

We just received new versions of 360 and the 'complete course trigger' is new to us.

Thank you,


Oliver Stankovsky


Thank you for the information. One of our people just ran a test with our LMS and it worked but a 0% score was still recorded. The 0% score is causing confusion with our students. We are only wanting to record a completion for the bulk of our lessons and can't seem to pass anything without a score attached. We were hoping the completion trigger would solve the problem. We'd be happy to even show score 'unknown' as in the graphic you posted earlier in this string.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Oli

which tracking option are you using when you publish to LMS?

When publishing Storyline and Studio content as SCORM or AICC output, you get to choose one of these four reporting options:


Many LMSs track a completion status and a success status. To report both statuses, choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when you publish. Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed report only the completion status.



Sam Carter
Oliver Stankovsky

For the last 1,500 lessons we've been using complete/incomplete. With SCORM 2004 we can't get scoring to go away, so we are forced to rig our lessons to provide a 100% score even when there are no knowledge checks or quizzes.

We've done the same.  You can also change the passing score to 0%.  

Some clients don't like to see a score if there's no quiz, so you can use the new "complete course" trigger.

Crystal Horn

Hi Oli.  Thanks for following up on what you're seeing.  I've seen some LMS-specific behavior with reporting scores.  I mocked up a sample SCORM 2004 course, and I tested in it Moodle and SCORM Cloud.  Moodle showed completion with no score (what I want), and SCORM Cloud showed completion and a 0% score.

We have an issue where you'll always get a score reported if the course is published for Flash, or Flash with HTML5 output.  Do those output settings match for you?  If not, we'd love to have a closer look at your situation.  Share your LMS and your .story file here with us for testing, if you'd like, and we can confirm whether this is related to your file or your LMS.

Oliver Stankovsky

Hi Crystal. Nice, you gave us something to look at and work with. Flash may be the issue. We'll run a test using only HTML5. Due to quarterly/regulatory lessons all being loaded at this time I may not be able to report the test results until late next week.  

Thank you, and also thank you to Sam and Wendy.


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