Course won't send a Complete result to my LMS

I just created a click to find the hazards course, everything seems to work correctly until I publish it to our LMS.  Some users get a status of Incomplete after they complete the course, and others don't get a status at all.  No-one has received a status of Completed yet.  There are 5 scenes each with a Summary page and a Thanks for trying page, that are a Pick One quiz.  There's only one button to click on each page and it is worth 20 points.  There is one Result page and each of the Summary and Thanks for trying pages are selected to report to that result slide. I set the passing score to 50% in the publisher and in my LMS, eventhough the user will receive 100% after trying each scene.  I'm hoping the resolution to this is really simple and I just can't see it because I've been looking so long. 

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Leonard Puglia

Hi Shelly,

I've had some trouble publishing to an LMS before, and the solution (for this particular LMS) was pretty simple.

When publishing to LMS in Storyline, the default option under the "Reporting and Tracking" section is Passed/Incomplete.

I found that by changing this to Complete/Incomplete, all issues were resolved.

This is not necessarily anything to do with Storyline, but more to do with the LMS the client was using.

Hope this helps.

Shelly Briggs

So, I've been digging into this course some more this morning.  I checked the Results page Variables (used the %xxxxx%) to display the values of "Results.PassPoints", "Results.PassPercent", "Results.ScorePercent", and "Results.ScorePoints" on the results page and all 4 variables are equal to 50 (the courses passing score).  Does anyone else know why this wouln't be sending the score to my LMS? 

Sam Carter


I assume you are running SCORM 2000/1.2 or is it 2004/1.3?  In either case, once you locate the magic settings that work for your LMS, stick with them and you won't have further problems.

I found one problem with SCORM 2004 here:

which counters Leonard's suggestion of Complete/Incomplete doesn't always give good results.  I found using Passed/Incomplete to get the best reporting results on the LMS.

So first, find out what your LMS requires.  Some are picky, while others (the good ones) will accept any completion values.

There is a way in many LMS to display the SCORM trace so you could visibly see what Storyline is reporting.  If your's has that capability, it isn't difficult to look at the information to see if the LMS is being told Complete/Incomplete/Passed/Failed by Storyline.  Once you have that information, the problem is narrowed to either Storyline, or the LMS.

Last, there is another technique to get Storyline to display the SCORM trace if your LMS doesn't have such a feature.  To my knowledge, it requires a JavaScript which I can lookup and provide for you.  There once was a "secret combination keystroke" which would display the scorm trace in Presenter.  Whether Storyline has this same secret key combination I do not know.


Shelly Briggs

Hi Sam,

I'm using SCORM 1.2 on a SkillSoft database.  I think I've published courses with Passed/Incomplete and Complete/Incomplete, but I'm going to double check.  And just in case I'm going to try publishing this course witht the Passed/Incomplete...I would love it if the resolution is this simple.  I'm also going to check with my SkillSoft rep to see if they can display the SCORM trace.  Thanks so much for your comments!  Hopefully my next post will be good news!