Course works fine in preview but not when published

Sep 21, 2015

Hi. I have a course that includes screen recordings as well as 'normal' slides. When I preview everything works fine. When I publish and view in browser using the Story html link a  couple of interactions don't work (one is a click box, the other a text entry). When I upload to LMS I still get the same errors.

I'm editing and publishing from the C drive/My documents so no Network conflicts.

The course was a Storyline 1, now opened in Storyline 2.

Any advice on what is happening?

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N barnes


I hadn't initially put it in the LMS. I viewed the published course by using the Story.html icon from the output files and the errors are there. It is now in the LMS and has the same fault - but that's not surprising considering the fault is already there.

I have also put it in SCORM Cloud but all seems ok in there.

So - it's not the LMS; but could our web browser have an effect? But if it was the browser wouldn't it still not work in SCORM Cloud? And why only a couple of specific instances where the interaction doesn't work?

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