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Marcela Garreton

Hi John, 

It seems that you and I are the only ones that have tried to publish with the latest version.  I wanted to let you know that I have come up with a workaround until they figure out the issue.  I uninstalled Storyline from my computer, then through Articulate 360, I reinstalled it, but made sure to choose the version from October 30.  Just make sure you don't do any updates, and you'll be fine to publish.

Leslie McKerchie

Yes, I understand Marcela.

Any sample that you are encountering this issue on would be helpful.

In the meantime, this conversation is linked to the report we are tracking so that we can update you here with any information we have to share. 

I see you mentioned that you rolled back your version, so if you no longer have an example, that's okay too.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adrienne,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you are running into an issue publishing. 

We are investigating a few reports and tracking down the culprit.

Would you be able to share your .story file with our team to take a look? 

You are also able to use a previous version if needed.

Mike DiFonzo


Thanks. I did read about it and it sounds like it's working well from the other posts. At least SL360 is still working for me. The last time I did an update I had to have IT modify some file on my computer due to our firewall security but I didn't have to this time. The hazards of working at a secure site.


Adrienne Naylor

I reinstalled the October version and it wasn't saving right or publishing right. I tweaked a few things, restarted the program, and now it's in Review the way I wanted it.

So that's a huge relief, but this has been such a stressful 4+ hours that I could have been working on this project, which is under a gnarly deadline.

In terms of getting back on board with the most up to date version, should I just keep an eye out for another other update to come out to fix this issue?

Crystal Horn

Hey everybody. I'm excited to let you know that we just released update 23 for Storyline 360! It includes new features and fixes - check them all out here.

One of the fixes addresses an issue where Storyline could generate an error report when previewing or publishing a project that had radio buttons grouped with other objects.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to take advantage of everything the latest release has to offer. Let me know how you make out!