Crashing when previewing entire project

Nov 26, 2014

Hi All,

REALLY hoping someone can save me here!

I'm showing the fruits of my (very long and late nights) labour to a GM TOMORROW and for no apparent reason half way through previewing the entire project, my course is crashing.

An exclamation point comes up on screen and it wont do anything.

It's happening on the same slide each time. When i view that slide on its own it seems to work fine.

I've tried to delete the slide, but then the issue moves on to the next slide.

All subsequent slides work fine if i skip the naughty slide and select them in the Player menu instead.

REALLY hoping there's a solution otherwise it's going to be a late night for me!!!



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lucy

sounds tricky..

 I would try these things:

  1. forget previewing and see if you can publish the file ok (just to get you through tomorrow)
  2. create a new project and import all slides including naughty - test if it works
  3. create a new project and import all slides in except naughty then create a new naughty
  4. set your trigger to navigate from the previous slide before naughty to next slide after naughty bypassing naughty altogether and then remove that slide from the player menu - might work as your backup for tomorrow.

If you want to upload your project happy to have a look for you.

Lucy Hood

Thanks Wendy.
I've tried publishing it and it actually works but not smoothly... There's definitely something up still. It's not ideal but very worst case scenario it will do for tomorrow.
I'll try your other suggestions too!

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