Create a trigger that automatically goes at the end of the timelin

Dec 11, 2012

Hi everybody,

i'm a newby here, and english is not my mother tongue so i hope you'll understand me.

I'm currently creating a class using Articulate Storyline, and i'd like users to access it in 2 different ways :

- one regular for a full 20 min class, will elements appearing one at the time, using timeline

- one if they want to refresh their memories, and just check rapidely one or 2 chapters.

For this 2nd way, i'd like that all elements to be displayed on screen at once, not having  to wait for the timeline to i was think of creating a trigger that automatically brings you at the end of the timeline, but i can't figure a way to do it.

Does anybody have any idea how i may be able to do that? Maybe working with states...

Thanks in advance


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Oliver. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I'm sure some of the community Heroes here may have some better suggestions, but I wanted to chime in on the conversation with an idea I had. You could duplicate the layer and hide it until a user views the content and uses a trigger to show the completed layer, or even duplicate the entire slide that shows everything in the state you want for the second scenario you mentioned. 

For example, say you have a slide that is progressive and loads according to the timeline. You could add a button for users to click that have already seen the content. It could say something like "Skip to the End", etc. This button could either:

A) Trigger to show a layer in the slide that contains all of the content, completely loaded.

B) Trigger to jump to a new slide or scene that contains the fully loaded content. 

I put together a quick example for you. You can see it here. (If you want to use the skip button the second time you view it, you can just refresh the course)

I've also attached the file, if you want to see how I set it up. 

Let me know what you think

Good luck!


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