Create Video Simulation and Exercise from Same Slides?


I am trying to create

1. A software simulation using images and mouse movements

2. An exercise where the user will select hotspots and enter values on top of slide backgrounds


The thing is I am trying to use the same background slides for both 1 and 2 above

Has anyone experience of this and might give some tips?

It looks like the cursors can only be added to the base layer, am I correct




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Vikas Sharma

Hi Gar,

If the background image is going to be same in both the scenes then I would suggest to use only one image and use it for both the scenes as a base layer in the same slide.

The hot-spots, blank field boxes for values can be kept on the other layers  above the software background image and can be managed with the triggers. Eg. If a user hits on "Start" button, the screen may ask to enter his "name". Once he/she enters his name, the next action can be asked accordingly on the same slide which you would be configuring with the triggers.

- Vikas

first last

Thanks for the reply. If I am correct I found some issue that I didn't expect.

1. If you have a cursor added to a slide, it has to exist on the base layer.

2. You can't turn off objects, e.g. I cant turn off a cursor

3. I can't seem to be able to stop a cursor

4. If the cursor exists on the base layer (which it has to), If i put a screen shot on another layer, the cursor will not show as it is below.

5. Cursors can't have states, so i can't hide the cursor.


On a good note, I was able to achieve close to what I need, except I end up with 2 layers

1. For the simulations (On a Base Layer I have an Image with cursor movements)

2. For the exercises (I have another copy of the image and user inputs such as hot spots and text areas)

The only drawback with this setup is that if a screenshot changes, i need to update both copies on each layer of a slide.


I have attached the project example if anyone wants to take a look at and maybe suggest any improvements