Creating a blink effect animation?

Nov 05, 2012


How can U create a blink animation on a button or any object whereby the user will click on?


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ahssan moshref

very useful trick. But lots of codes for a simple action. Maybe the articulate team decides to create an animation or transition effect that will do that and its play and stop can be controlled via the trigger.

As far as using a blinking effect in a design: I really depends on the design. But yes continuous blink will be annoying, forceful and thus distracting. But there is nothing wrong with having something blink or bounce/jump at the beginning for one or two sec. 






Ryan Scharfer

Hi Phil,  I had a closer look at this project and its amazing.  I like how the entrance animation triggers the exit animation and vice versa.  However, when I tried to recreate it, I realized my looping rotation animation keeps getting faster and faster.  I think yours does ,too, but the slide duration is so long, you don't really notice it.  Do you know how to prevent this?


Brian Allen

I thought I recalled a project you did that had some slowly rotating gears set up this way.

I've used it to increment a variable for a custom timer, but if it continues to speed up as it goes then my timer would also speed up.

I'm currently looking for other creative ways to increment a timer variable on (true) 1 second intervals...

Deanna Dubbs

Hello all,

I know this thread is a bit old but for anyone else trying to get this effect I also have a suggestion.


On a project, I am working on I needed to have a "phone" continue to ring until the user clicked it. To get this to work I shortened the timeline to 2 seconds, created a freeform motion path to simulate ringing, and added a trigger to jump back to the same slide continuously until the user clicks the phone to proceed to the next slide.

Lisa LC

Another option I've tried recently is copy/paste the object, change the color (eg, yellow), change the timeline for that item ( 3 seconds) and then just copy and paste it multiple times. Space the items a few seconds apart on the timeline and then make sure to adjust the items on the slide so that they're sit on top of each other.  This creates a flashing object, not fancy but it works.   

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