Creating an interaction that subtracts time in pie chart?


I am working on creating a time management course for college students. We are looking to incorporate a similar concept found on this website: where users will type in the hours they spend on activities and "time" will slip away on the pie chart to showcase how they spend their day.

I am new (6 months in) to E-Learning and building courses in Storyline and I can't quite seem to figure out how to create this interaction. ANY advice would be welcomed and truly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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Michael Hinze

An interaction like this would require some simple math and custom states for the 'time slices', but it's not too difficult to set up. HereĀ is a rough example with four time categories: All the math is done on a separate layer, which is called when the Enter key is pressed. Based on the calculated number of remaining hours, a specific custom state of the 'time pie' element is shown. See attached the .story file. Hope that gets you started.

Michael Hinze

Hi Kayte, you were VERY close . You had added the required triggers to the calculateLayer, they were just not in the right ORDER (triggers are executed in order top to bottom). I rearranged them, so that all date entries are added up BEFORE the remaining hours are calculated.

Kayte F

Hi there! I am looping back on this piece of my project and was wondering if there was any remedy to the attached picture. If a user types in a letter the "NaN" shows up in the box and on the chart...I understand the user can just click delete or backspace and it will go away, but I am curious if there is a way to limit the box only to numbers so the "NaN" response isn't even an option? Again, probably a rookie question Thanks for any help!