Creating custom 3D buttons

Hi everyone,

How do create custom 3D buttons? I've added buttons using Insert>Controls and I like the subtle 3D effect that is used. I want to create a button that looks very similiar but I want to use my corporate color instead of the default currently available. I've tried opening the Format Shape dialogue box but I'm not sure what selections to make. I've attached a screen shot of the button I'm talking about. The base color I want to use is #0D2EA0 or R-13, G-46, B-160. Thanks. 



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Michael Shannon

Hey Jesse. You're almost there. Once you have the "Format Shape" diagram box open click on the "Fill" tab. Then click the "Color" dropdown and click on the "More colors..." link to open the "Colors" dialog box. Then enter your corporate color Hex code in the HTML box.