Creating 'open book' type knowledge check in SL360

Sep 14, 2022

Hi Heroes!

Who can help? I know it's gonna be in the variables.. ;)

I have a course that allows a learner to jump though a timeline to do with a planning process we have at work. On the home 'navigation' slide, there's a button to go to the 'knowledge check'. This goes to a scene where there's a question bank and a results slide. All good.

Each slide in the QB has a 'Home' button taking the learner back to the 'Navigation' slide - therefore able to dip back into the content.

What I want is for a learner to read as much as they need, go to the KC, come out if stuck on a question, look at some content and then navigate back to the 'question slide' they left to supply an answer. Like an open book exam.

Currently, when they go back, the slide has frozen to one answer, the slide count progresses and they can only move on by submitting the frozen answer...

Anyone got a mega fix? 

Thanks you!

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Judy Nollet

Make it easy on yourself and have the "book" (aka content) open in a lightbox. 

Note: If you select the "Use navigation controls" checkbox, the lightbox will include the PREV and NEXT buttons, so the user can move through multiple slides. Just be sure they can't click back into the Question Bank in the lightbox. 

Judy Nollet
Tom Carter

...  So I'm assuming when they close the lightbox, it will simply return to the question slide they were on? Excellent!  ...

Your assumption is correct. Lightboxing a slide opens it on top of the current slide. The entire player is also covered with a semi-transparent background, which prevents the user from interacting with any player features. 

A lightbox automatically includes an "X" button in the upper right to close the lightbox. However, you might want to also include a more obvious button with a close-lightbox trigger on the lightboxed slide.