Creating pre-assessment to only allow for one attempt

Aug 03, 2015

Hello wise forum members,

I have an LMS issue and am hoping for some advice. My large client has created a number of course in Storyline 1. I was asked to create pre-assessments for all the courses using the question banks in the existing courses. The idea is for the learner to take the pre-assessment and if they pass, they don't have to take the full course, if they fail, they do.

I created the pre-assessment consisting of an intro screen, the question banks and a results slide and sent it to our LMS people for testing. It worked fine... except that the LMS allows them to relaunch the course and they can take it again and pass it.

Is there a setting that communicates to the LMS that there is only one attempt allowed? I couldn't find it.

I had an idea as a workaround - what if I set up the Resume Course option to Always Resume? This way, if the learner does try to access the course again, they are simply taken to the results page which has no navigation.

Is there a setting to allow for only one attempt of a course and if not, does my idea sound viable?




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tim

I would expect that one attempt option would be an LMS setting...where once they have attempted the pre assessment the course is locked as read only if access is allowed at all.  Within Storyline you can set the number of retry's on a quiz but that is before the result gets communicated to the LMS. I would be asking your LMS administrator to lock them down.

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