Creating Storyline Player Control that links to External Site

Dec 27, 2020

Dear all,

I really hope someone can help me with this problem, as it has me a little stumped. 

I have created a course for a client in Storyline 360 which is due to be published onto their own LMS via SCORM packages.  They wanted an option for users to report issues or submit support tickets to them at any point, so I added new tab to the player with just a single URL that links to the clients' website support page (see attachment).  When I test this using the test button for the URL in storyline it works great.

However, when I generate a SCORM and test it in SCORM Cloud or upload it to their LMS the link fails to work.  When I look at the URL it appears to be trying to find the URL as a local resource within the SCORM, as opposed to looking externally.  This happens whether testing in SCORM Cloud or on their LMS.  See in the screenshot below how the URL is appended to the end of the relative SCORM path...?


Screenshot of SCORM Cloud URL during testing

Any suggestions or ideas as to how to resolve this, please?

Thank you! :)


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