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Tim A

Hello R

I am using SL2. You create a blank slide and then add a web object, which should be the HP html file you generated. SL2 will pick up the whole folder in which the file is located, so you need to make sure there is nothing else in the folder. It will not allow any interactivity in the Preview mode. The interactivity will only work after you publish the story.

Here are the HP steps

1. create the crossword

2. adjust the desired output settings (I remove titles coz the SL player will have them anyway - for style considerations)

3. publish either as html or as zip (better)

4. unpack the zip

Here are the SL steps:

1. blank slide

2. add web object

3. select the FOLDER (unzipped)

4. check Display in-slide

5. publish

Works like a charm. I like HP because there is less hassle with the logos and trademarks, etc. Also you can actually edit the HTML after that to customise it further.