This is probably the most basic thing in the world – but I just can’t see how to do it! Is it possible to have boxes change colour on a cue point on the timeline? I can’t see on the trigger wizard where you bring in the cue point option? Read lots of comments and can see its possible in motion paths in storyline 2 but I am using Storyline 1.. You can see from the pic its a basic slide, and changing the colour of each box on a timer would bring a little life!

Thanks Hannah

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Mike Enders

Hi Hannah,

You are correct that it's a feature in SL2, but not in SL1.

As a workaround in SL1, you could add some shapes off screen and place them at the same location as the cue points on the timeline. From there, you could use a trigger to change the state of the object on your screen to it's colored state when the timeline for that offscreen object begins.

I hope this helps!