Custom drag and drop - skipping to next slide without a trigger

Jun 30, 2017

I have created a couple of custom drag and drop interactions, that I'm not using as part of quiz; but purely ways of displaying content and testing knowledge (no results slides)

On the first slide, I have created my own submit button, which has a number of triggers attached to it - these depend if the learner correctly answered the five drag/drop items correctly.

Here's the problem - when I preview the slide on its own, the slide performs exactly as it should. When I preview the entire project however, the Submit button is pushing to the next slide (this is NOT one of the triggers assigned to it by the way)

When I look at the Story view, I can see two paths to the next slide - there should only be one. When I hover over them, the one I designed shows up, but the other one doesn't show any detail. (See image attached)

So I'm really stuck here. I don't want to use the submit button on the player, so this option is ruled out. I also want to avoid creating another submit button, as there are so many triggers attached to it.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've attached a copy of the story file as well. Hoping the community can help.

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Leonard Puglia

Hi Leslie and Phil,

Thanks for your replies. One of the first things I tried was moving the order of the trigger, but everything underneath doesn't work unless the interaction has been submitted. So it needs to remain on top.

However, Phil raises a very interesting point about having feedback. One of the things that I didn't think to check is the feedback masters - which is where the built in 'go to the next slide' trigger lives. I was able to remove this trigger from the feedback master and my problem is now solved.

Phil, your response has helped me clean up this whole interaction. Instead of having slide layers, it is much cleaner to have the triggers responding to correct/incorrect/try again layers in the feedback masters.

Thanks again for your assistance. The community does it again!


Stefan K.
Phil Mayor

I would concur with Leslie, I would add that without feedback enabled a submit trigger will jump to the next slide automatically. You will need a correct / incorrect layer for the state changes to occur I would add in blank correct / incorrect layers

Thanks Phil! I had the same problem as Leonard and your tip was the solution. Thanks again!