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Jul 21, 2017

Hi everybody, we have a custom menu. This menu is in the master slide and flys in and out. Everything works well beside one thing. When you are on a Layer you can't delete the menu (for sure) but when you click on the menu on the layer the menu will send you back to the base Layer. I am afraid our learners would get confused. Does anybody had the same problem or a idea how to solve this problem? Thank you very much!

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Sarah Weber

@wendy you will see my file in the attachment

@Phil  i tried that bevore, but if I uncheck the setting "hide other slide Layers" I will stay on the Layer that is true but I will see the content from every Layer. That doens not look very good. Or do I have a error in reasoning.  Thanks a lot for your help!

Phil Mayor

If you are going to show the layer from a master, you will need to switch of the hide other layers or when they show the layer it will hide any other layers you have.

It is probably easier to do as one layer where you pause the layer in-between the entrance and exit animations.

 Unchecking hide on the menu should fix your problem.

Phil Mayor

You do not need the hide layer.

I have not looked at your file, typically a menu would overlay the current content so you would want it to be able to hide your other layers?

If you hide the layers then you will drop back to the base layer when you open the menu, to me this would be confusing.

If you want it to prevent dropping back to the base layer then you need to stop hiding the layers.


Sarah Weber

Yes I understand that it droppes back to the base Layer thats why I needet help. And yes when I uncheck "Hide other slide layers" It does not dropp back to the base layer- thats good.

But on my normal slides ( not the master slide) i always have about 3 or 4 layers. If I am for example on layer no 2 and I open the menu(which is on the master slide) it will show the menu on top of the layer but also every other layer on this slide underneath which looks terrible and is confusing to. Is there a possibility to avioid this?

Sarah Weber

Yes sure but not on the master slide with the menu, on the slide on wich I open the menu.

This is one slide when the user klicks on the Buttons you can see in the screen it would sow  a layer. On the other button it would show a other layer. On the top left theres is the menu button which is on the master slide.

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