Master Slide Layers vs. Standard Slide Layers

Nov 24, 2015

Hi everyone,

I've run into this problem a few times before and I was wondering if anyone has a solution before I submit a bug report/feature request.

When you have a standard slide with a layer on it (for example, a feedback layer on a question slide) and you activate a layer from the master slide (like a menu tab opening), the standard slide's layer will close automatically. Essentially, you can't have both a standard slide layer and a master slide layer open at the same time.

Is there any way around this? It makes things very difficult for custom menu creation.


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S Cooper

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your response! That does fix the problem in a way, but then introduces a new one. When I do that, it displays all of the layers at once. In the screenshot I've attached here, it's displaying two slide layers and three of the master slide layers. Any idea if there's a way around that?

Brian Allen
S Cooper

Any idea if there's a way around that?

The checkbox that auto-hides other layers when you open a layer IS the "easy" way to automatically handle multiple layers.

If you have a scenario such as yours, where you DO need to have more than one layer open at a time, this puts you in a situation where you now need to manually handle the closing of the other layers.

You'll need to add additional triggers as needed to hide layers that you do want to close.  Feel free to post an example if you need some help identifying the best way to handle this.

Carol Luppi

I have created multiple Storyline2 projects using the same process and suddenly layers are closing automatically despite Slide Advance Properties being set to Advance by User.

 I have inserted a rectangle box with no fill/layers and added the trigger to "Show the Layer" when the box is clicked.  I have added a second rectangle box to "hide the layer" when the "Click Here to Close" box is clicked.  The layers are automatically closing after 5 seconds.  I did not import the file from PowerPoint.  Each Base Layer properties are set to "Advance by User".

This happened after the recent update....

Thank you for any assistance.   


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