Buttons on Slide Master wont maintain states throughout course


I am not using a player on a project I am currently working on.  So I have added buttons to the slide master that the learner clicks to go to different scenes.

I have added variables to each scene that trigger the button on the slide master to change its state to "visited" when the timeline ends. 

It works, but as soon as the viewer clicks another button to go to a different scene, the state of the previous button resets to "Normal."

I am not an expert on variables (obviously) but I thought the only way to get a button to maintain its state throughout a project was by using a variable.  Its important for this to work for me because I want the learner to be able to track what sections they have already viewed. 

I made a basic storyline file of what I am trying to accomplish, and attached it here.  Thanks for any help offered!

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Arttun Farom

Please help! Custom course navigation buttons in slider master do not maintain state even with custom states or True/False variables. I have set button states to change based on True/False variable value and trigger to change when timeline starts but it's not working. The button links work but button states reset if the learner clicks again on any visited button.

I want free flow functionality, meaning the learner should be able to click on any button (see attached story). When the user 1st clicks on a button (on left) it should change state to "Selected" and then if he revisits the same button or any other button, then that button should change to "Visited". Please help me. Thanks.    

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arttun,

It looks like you have two triggers for the Visited and selected state being executed based on the same conditions as shown here:


I also wanted to share, this is how the states will behave based on using the built in options.  You may want to look at using custom states so that you can control how/when it's shown based on the user accessing a second time. 

Nivedhitha Pinakapani

Hello Community,

I want the users to access different slides in a story with a click of a button, I achieved this through a trigger .

The problem, for one type of learner After slide 7 it should be slide 11 but for the other user it should be slide 8.

Not able to enable trigger for the same.

Any suggestions would help.