Custom notes button in storyline

Oct 17, 2014


Can anyone help me with the functionality of custom Notes button in Storyline.

I have created a separate layer for the customized Notes button at the bottom right of the page. The intention is to keep the audio on the base layer playing when the learner clicks Notes button so that he/she can read it simultaneiously as and when listens to the audio. However, when I click the Notes button, it takes me to the respective pop up with notes text and pauses the audio of the base layer.

Please help at the earliest.

Many thanks,


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Shivani Singh

Hi Nelson,

Thank you for the quick help. Let me put it this way:

I have a base layer, Layer 1: Notes layer, Layer 2: a click on image layer.

Base layer and Layer 2 have an audio.

Learner needs to click an image on the base layer that opens up the Layer 2.

Challenge: When I click Notes button on the base layer, it opens up the Layer 1 and audio continue to play, which is fine. However, at the same time, when I click the image, it opens up Layer 2 and the Notes Layer is closed which I dont want.

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