Custom SCORM Javascript Score Reporting Issue

I've searched but came up empty regarding this particular issue.

I'm using a combination of default SCORM reporting and custom javascript. Essentially, I want to report a custom score. I do this on the results slide after the Submit Results action. 

Here's the issue:

The javascript to report the score works but only if I turn off the Submit Interaction actions on the quiz questions. I don't get it. I don't understand why the Submit Interaction action prevents my javascript from doing its thing.

I believe that the Submit Interaction action is required to prime the system scoring variables but why can't I overwrite the score with my own value after the Submit Results action? I read another case where seemingly someone was able to do that.

I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance.

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Phil Mayor

With reporting by slides you need to ensure they cannot achieve the number of slide viewed to pass. I would normally do this by creating a scene with a slide they cannot reach and set to 100%.

This is achievable I must have 20-30 modules out there using this method, although the Course complete trigger has reduced the times I use this method now.

Jack Anzinger

OK, looks like using slide view for scoring eliminates use of stock score variables. This suggests I have to custom code all interactions, which is OK, though I was hoping to utilize some of the built-in functionality.

So it seems as if there is an additional stock reporting action that takes place after Submit Results. I think someone posted another workaround to call the goodbye page directly on the exit action.. May try that.