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Crystal Horn

Hello Pratibha!  Walt's right for the sequence drop-down question types:  Not making any selection and then clicking on your submit "button" will cause the "invalid answer" text to appear, asking your users to answer the question before submitting.

I've attached your file with a few modifications.  I changed your rectangle shape to have "SUBMIT" directly on it instead of using a text box; you can type text right onto shapes without the need for an additional text box.  I like less clutter.  ;)  And I attached a trigger to submit the interaction when the user clicks on that shape.  Also, I changed the initial state of that shape to normal, since they can't submit the interaction until they answer anyway.

Now, for the sequence drag-and-drop question type, where the learner can shift the answer selections around by dragging them, the learner could potentially not make any changes to the order as it appears on the slide and then click Submit.  For those question types where the answers might already be in a "submit-worthy" state, you might consider allowing an additional attempt with a Try Again layer, just to catch any click-happy learners from hitting Submit too soon!