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Good day everyone,

I am creating an exam in Storyline using a mixture of quiz templates.  By default all of the quiz templates except the Sequence Drag and drop prohibit the user from moving forward to the next question by clicking the Submit button until they select a response on the slide.  However, the Sequence Drag and Drop Quiz template doesn't force the user to drag a response, and can click Submit to move forward which I do not want.  Does anyone have any idea how I can force the user to do this?

I think I need to create a variable to assign to the Submit button to say, if the user drags a response, submit the interaction, otherwise present the dialog box that tells them they must drag an item first, but I can't find anything that identifies what a "drag" of a response is.

Thank you.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Cathy, and welcome to Heroes!

The graded quiz questions do not have the option for the user to skip them. What you can do is remove the submit button on the slide and only keep the Next/prev button. You can change these under the slide properties using the lower right hand gear icon.

Then if the user answers, it will give the score, if they do not, it will just bypass.

Depending on how you are scoring these, you can award points, or keep them at 0 points, if the questions are not necessary.

Here is some more information about adding quiz slides in Storyline.

Sheri South

I'm having the same problem. The sequence drag and drop is NOT forcing the learner to select answers, it's allowing them to bypass the question altogether. So, if all graded questions require a learner to answer, then this seems to be a glitch because the sequence drag and drop question I created is definitely not requiring an answer for the learner to move forward.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sheri! The quiz is not allowing the user to 'skip' the question, but is submitting whatever is presented to the user as the answer. I understand that this does not cause action that is required by the learner to move forward, but there is that 'chance' that the answers are shuffled in the right order and the user would want to submit. It seems like it is behaving as designed and if you need learner interaction, then perhaps a different question type would better suit your needs.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sheri! There is no way to force the learner to move the answers. The answers are there when the user opens the slide. If they choose to submit before moving, that answer is submitted. There is no skipping this question. You have provided adequate instruction on your slide as well to instruct the user to drag the items to the appropriate location. 

It is working as designed and not a glitch.

If this is not what you are wanting I would advise a different question type perhaps. One that would require user input prior to being able to submit.