Custom Submit Button with 2 Tries Issue

Aug 10, 2022


I have a custom submit button that I need with 2 tries. With the current logic, i do not see the Try again layer on the first try. Any ideas why. The correct functionality is:

Total of 2 tries, show try again layer on First try and Incorrect layer on 2nd try, if you get correct, show correct layer on try 1 or try 2.

Any idea why this logic is not working?



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Michael Gallagher

I duplicated your slide and deleted all of the triggers you created. I then went to the INSERT Tab and chose "Convert to Freeform". In that menu I chose "Pick Many". That added the "Form View" to the Menu on the right side. There, I picked the buttons you created and marked the proper ones as correct. I also set the Attempts to 2. This approach creates the slide as you wanted. See attached.

Michael Hinze

It may have been easier to set this up as a graded (or freeform) Multiple Response question, because then all the logic for the feedback layers is already included.
In your setup, he triggers for the incorrect choices on the submit button don't work because they combine and/or conditions. I changed the setup so that any incorrect choices show the  Try Again layer. If the trial counter=1, then they get immediately redirected to the Incorrect Layer. See attached.