Custom 'Try Again' Button in Quiz Question

Aug 19, 2014

Hello All!

Hope this is a quick answer item.

I need to know how to get a custom Try Again button to work for a question. It does not seem clear what actions to place on my button so that the question can be tried again. I am putting my try again button on the Try Again feedback master, and moving the standard one off stage. The Action options for my Try Again button seem only to be Submit Results, Review Results, Reset, and Print. Of course none of these make sense.

I tried looking at the default Try Again button that the questions use, but there are no actions attached to it.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

To try a question again, you'd likely want to place a "jump to slide" this question slide trigger on the button and then set the slide's revisiting properties to "reset to initial state". Since you'll be using your own button, you'll also want to figure out if you want to limit the number of attempts the user has. I would do this by tracking a numeric variable on the try again layer - that when the user clicks the button the variable is adjusted by +1 (make sure this trigger appears before the jump to slide trigger). You'll then want to set up a trigger on the base layer that states when the variable equals X (number of attempts allowed) that the Incorrect layer is shown.

Hope that helps and if you're still having difficulty it may be helpful to share the .story file here so that we can take a look at what you've got set up.

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