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Jun 24, 2012


I want to create a situation where, if the user drags an object to an incorrect spot, rather than getting the incorrect feedback they are automatically taken to a screen which shows them the correct area. I think this used to be done with blank slides in Quizmaker (it's been a while since I've used it so that may not be right).

How would I do it in Storyline please? I've tried creating a new layer but can't get it to go to it at the right time. 

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Nancy Woinoski

There are a number of ways to doing this in Storyline. I've attached a story file to show you one simple way.

All I did here was create the drag and drop items on the slide - I just used simple shapes and labeled them as right, wrong and drag me so that is is easy for you to visualize.

I create a layer showing the correct response - I used the storyline screen recording tool to capture the correct response as a video and inserted it onto this layer. You don't have to do this but it was suggested in another post today so thought I'd give it a try.

Back on the main slide - I added a "Selected" state  to the correct drop area (the green one). I edited this state to include a yellow check mark.

I then added 2 triggers - one to change the state of the correct drop area to Selected if the user drops the DragMe object onto the green box.

The other trigger says to show the correct layer if the users drops the DragMe object onto the wrong drop area.

Using this method, you don't have to use the quiz options or the "Convert to Freeform options at all.

Rebekah Brown

I'm sorry to keep bother ing you lovely folks but I'm still stumped. I see how Nancy's solution works (and it will actually be useful in another scenario I'm creating) but it doesn't actually solve my current problem, which I didn't define well enough - sorry. I'm trying to label parts of a diagram and have set up a hotspot over the correct area for the label. When I drop my label over the hotspot I get the correct feedback box from the layer called 'correct' which was created when I set up the questions, which is fine. I had set up the incorrect layer as a custom layer and in the drag and drop feedback section it says custom slide layer but when I deliberately put the label in the wrong place I don't see any feedback at all. I thought it might be because the incorrect later was not visible but I changed it and it still doesn't work. Any ideas how I can get the layer to show?

Somehow I need to set up a trigger for what happens if the user drops outside the hotspot but I'm not sure how to do that.

Tec Team

AHi I need help on this one ...

Drag and drop function. I am trying to create a drag and 

I am trying to create a drag and drop function where there are no wrong answers. All objects selected are correct as long as an object (minimum at least 1 out of 4) is dropped onto the dropzone and submit is clicked. In addition, when no object is selected and submit button is clicked, a feedback mesg will pop out indicating "No selection is received, please try again." Feedback box will have a close button and when user click 'Close', user will have to select at least 1 object to the dropzone.

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