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Nick F


You say, "IF I use your glossary"... If you are talking about the glossary built into StoryLine you have the option to enter whatever word you wish to be defined. 

If you are talking about a glossary template such as https://community.articulate.com/download/storyline-2-download-customizable-glossary

You can just remove the trigger and layer for the corresponding letter you wish to have disabled. 

I hope this helped.

Ashley Terwilliger

Glad that helped your Craig and let us know if you need anything else. Also, downloads such as that one do have a section for comments and you're welcome to ask questions there or if asking here it's always helpful to include the link to the template you're using so that folks can assist based on the specific set up. 

Dave Ferguson


I made a glossary, inspired by a SL 360 example posted by Gabrielle Schofield. It's made of of layers: one letter = one button = a layer specific to the letter.

The letter buttons have states for normal, hover, and disabled. In my example, I pretended there was no text for F or X, so their default state is set to disabled.



Here's the link from which you can download the example: