Customize default hotspot to show Hint Caption instead

When I do a recording and save as "Try mode", I want to have a different customized trigger of the hotspot. Currently (by default) if users click on anything outside that hotspot, it would show "Try again" layer. How do I change this to show "Hint Caption" layer instead? I want this to be default in the next recording too so I dont go back manually edit it.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Hawk,

There's no way to alter the default, but there are some options. 

The first would be to change the layer that's shown via the trigger to the Hint layer. You'll need to do this for each slide. 

Another option would be to remove the content from the "Try Again" layer, copy the content from the "Hint" layer and paste it into the layer. Honestly, I think just changing the trigger itself would be the quickest option. 

The final option would be to use layouts - however, you'd still end up applying these to the layers in the end, so you'd have to make changes to the project. 

If you'd like to see some additional options for Try Mode recordings, you may want to send over a suggestion to our product development team. Try to be as detailed as possible when sharing your suggestions - try to give an example of a scenario where this type of feature would be helpful.