Cutting out sections of Software Simulation in Action Fine Tuning

Apr 01, 2015

I am creating software simulations and putting them into my Storyline scene in the Try Mode. So the screen recording is brought into the scene as separate slides. The screen recording is broken into much smaller pieces on each of those slides.

I'm trying to cut a piece out of the middle of one of these mini-screen recordings and I cannot delete in ATF and there's not an option to edit videos on my application ribbon.

Is there any other way to edit this piece out besides re-shooting the whole simulation?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kaylea, 

There isn't an option to just crop out a portion in the middle, but I've heard of users who duplicated a slide and then cropped the beginning and end portions of the two slides to remove the "middle" section. Maybe that same set up would work for your course?

The editing options available on the ribbon are all detailed here. 

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