Data Entry: HACK the COLOR DISPLAY of the ENTERED DATA using HTML?


I may have asked this question before, and if so, I apologize, but I'm trying to work around a common issue with Articulate Storyline 2:

....namely, that of the ENTERED DATA in a Data Entry box (numeric OR text) SHOWING as a WHITE foreground COLOR AFTER the user INTERACTS with it (IE: clicks on it, and enters their data).

I'd like to retain the look of my existing project, so my question is this:

  • Is it POSSIBLE to ARTIFICIALLY CHANGE the color of this displayed DATA element by HACKING/EDITING THE PROJECT CONTENT (OUTSIDE OF Storyline) directly using HTML/CSS (?)

As far as I know, it's NOT possible to change the displayed Data Color AFTER the user clicks on the Data Entry box(es) to interact with them.

Any suggestions or thoughts welcome.



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Mark Shepherd

Hi Christie:

I appreciate that.  One thing that would help go a long way towards me solving this issue is to ask what version of Internet Explorer for Windows your Support Team is using as its benchmark/baseline for Articulate Storyline 2 Previewing.

At my office, we are using the latest version of Internet Explorer 11, and this is the most likely item I can identify that might be the direct and immediate cause of my issue, though we also have fairly recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that appeared to be causing the exact same problem, so I will need to double-check that.

Unfortunately, doing testing and checking things in triplicate takes time that we do not have at the moment.

As such, we have placed using this aspect of Articulate Storyline 2 on indefinite hold until we can conclusively lock down the nature of this problem within our system(s) so we can use it with confidence.

When we have more time later this week, we will revisit it and see if we can get the functionality of this element to preview for us as described by Mike, and what we have expected.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

As for testing, our team will test in a variety of browser and different versions depending on what is occurring for an individual customer and the browser their using. When we test the output for our production and QA testing, it'll be tested in the browsers documented in the supported system requirements set up here. I think most of us have our preferred browsers, for example my defaults are the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, and then IE11. If you having difficulty with something in another browser we're always happy to take a look as long as it's not involving any modifications to the published output as that is something we're not able to offer support for. 

If you need additional help, please feel free to let us know here in the thread or by connecting with our Support engineers here.