Deactivation of Storyline from all possible computers


I hope that you can help me.

About half and year ago our company purchased a license for Articulate Storyline and we installed it to one corporate machine. Then I installed it to one more computer but I don`t remember for sure whose computer it was. It might be my private computer or colleague`s laptop. The problem is that now I need to install Storyline with the same license key to my second corporate Mac but it`s impossible because it is installed somewhere else. May I somehow deactivate Storyline from all machines and then install it again to 2 corporate machines I need?

Thank you in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marina and welcome to Heroes! 

Do you have access to the computers on which you think Storyline was installed? If so, you can follow the steps here to deactivate it.  

Also, since you mentioned installing it on your colleague's laptop, I also wanted to point out that the  End User License Agreement (EULA) entitles a single user to use Storyline on a maximum of two computers, such as a home and work computer, or a desktop and laptop computer. If you wish to install the software on additional computers, or would like for more than one individual to use the software, you will need to purchase additional license(s).

If you need additional assistance with your license and activation, please connect with our Support team.