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Nov 28, 2013

Good day all,

I'm currently experiencing some issues with fonts in Storyline. As an organisation we use two fonts Calibri and Arial.

Neither of which particularly lend themselves well to being solely used on modules.

What options have I got for adding professional looking text without only relying on these two fonts? I'm happy dealing with sections of text in this font but my buttons and headers lack any real 'pop' because of the standard text look.


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Nicole Legault

Hi Joshua, 

To clarify -- are you allowed to choose a third, more fun and decorative font to use for headers and other accents? Or you're saying you're definitely not allowed you have to stick with only Calibri and Arial? Because if you CAN download more fonts I'd go check out or a similar site and check out some fun, chunky header fonts. And if you can, I'd say the type of decorative font you pick could be influenced by your content. You say you want professional looking so probably a clean, streamlined, easy to read font and nothing something too cursive or whimsical. 

If not...

First of all, as Calibri and Arial are both sans-serif fonts that are actually similar in a lot of ways, I would use one or the other and use one throughout, not mix and match those two particular fonts. I'd want to choose two fonts that are very different and high contrast. 

Secondly, I've created a lot of projects/e-learning templates where I used Calibri or Arial (since it's fonts most people already have installed on their PCs) and you can make the headers pop by bolding your font, using a bigger font size, adding a shadow, or using a different color....

Let me know if you can download a third font or not!

Brett Rockwood

Depending on your level of adventure you might try this: Substitute Helvetica or Helvetica Neue for Arial; most people (outside of designers and other type aficionados) won't be able to tell the difference and you'll have a lot more flexibility. I use Helvetica over Arial because of its multiple weights and versions. These weights go from ultra light to extra black, condensed, medium condensed, regular to extended with proper obliques. This gives you a lot of flexibility for headings, call outs, buttons, etc. all within the same family — and likely without anyone knowing that you're not actually using Arial.

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