Deciding between "Always Resume" versus "Prompt to Resume"

Aug 15, 2023

Wondering what people's thoughts are on deciding between the two options.

With Always Resume you don't have to worry about accidentally clicking "No" and being sent back and getting stuck in a Restricted format where you have to re-do everything.

With Prompt to Resume, you are given a clear prompt/pathway to start over a lesson without having to click back using the outline (which we use).  Most of our lessons are between 30 and 70 slides in length.

Not sure what other pros/cons are generally viewed with these, but was wondering what others do/prefer.

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Judy Nollet

Another potential "pro" for "Always Resume": If a course has limited attempts to pass the quiz, a user can't get more attempts by choosing to start the course over. 

You use the outline/menu, so someone could easily review previous content. Thus, I think "Always Resume" is a good option, because it saves a user from inadvertently being required to view everything again, but it doesn't restrict them from looking at the content again.