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Jun 08, 2016

Will it always be the case that we can't use the default navigation buttons in SL2 layers? I am not able to do so. If there is some setting to reconfigure, please let me know.

I am not supposed to use double navigation in my courses and I would like to pull away from creating navigation buttons in layers. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wendy! 

Are you looking to utilize the next button to go through the layers? Is that what you mean? You would have to adjust the triggers to do so and utilize variables so that the system would know when to do what.

For example:

Slide 1 - Base Layer, Layer 1, Layer 2

Base Layer - Jump to layer 1 when user clicks next button

Layer 1 - Jump to layer 2 when user clicks next button if layer 1 is visited (with variable that adjusts when this timeline starts)

Layer 2 - Jump to slide 2 if layer 2 is visited (with variable that adjusts when this timeline starts)

That's just a rough example, but the software does not have a built in settings to allow layers to be used in a linear fashion with the player like this.

Perhaps other community members will chime in if they have suggestions for your design as well.

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