Default Setting for Text Boxes - Do Not Resize

Jan 17, 2018

I've been reading the discussions about font sizes in text boxes and see that the answer is to set the shape to 'Do not autofit'. Is there a link to instructions to make that a default setting in Storyline?


Thank you


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Carl Lyle

I am not the original poster, but I, too, would like a default option for "Do Not Autofit."  

When I am entering text, I would like to be able to know what my font size *actually* is, rather than whatever I started with that Articulate then changed for me.  

I routinely am creating multiple text boxes on a slide, and would like to be able to ensure they are all the same font size.  Being able to select a single default choice for "Do Not Autofit" would let me set it once at the beginning of a project (or once at the beginning of time, even better!), and then only allow Autofit on those rare occasions that I might be interested in using it.

In short, I want control over my font sizes.

Discovery Campus

In case it helps someone...the option to "Do not autofit"    (Format Shape > Text Box), is copyable, meaning if you create one object with the option set and copy/paste it the 2nd object will also have it set.   

Also if you select multiple text blocks you can set the property for them all at once.

Matt ONeill

I want to +1 this request as well. Make "Do not autofit" as a default behavior for new textboxes. We need to ensure that we meet minimum font size for compliance with accessibility guidelines and without this we can't do that unless we go multiple clicks deep on each box to uncheck this default. 

To answer your question, the text should overflow. Don't dynamically resize anything for me. I know what I'm doing and want SL3 to just do as I command, not second guess me. Thanks! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jef,

Thanks for adding your voice to this feature! Also, welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! 

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Beth Panzini

Please add me to the chorus of  people who want the option to have all text boxes default to Do Not Autofit.  I am working on a course with hundreds of text boxes and the font size has to be consistent throughout, regardless of the size of the box or length of text.  Without this option, I spend hours manually changing the Autofit option to Do Not Autofit for each text box.