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It is annoying. If you do not pay attention to the setting of your text box at first ( then copy the text box over and over) depending on the size of your text, the next time you open your file you will get a long text box that autofitted your content(and it will go over the boundaries of your slide and screen). Also If you automating the process with the use of PowerPoint, before creating anything with it, make sure to set "Do not Autofit" globally on your computer. 

David Clasky

I'd like to add my name to the chorus as well. Most clients I've worked with want font sizes to be uniform, and in many cases have specific font sizes. All body text must be arial, 14pt, for example. When storyline autofits the text, you could have text on the page that is all different sizes, some large, some small, and everything in between, and it all says 14pt. It's a lot of work to go back and adjust all the text boxes to make them look uniform, and you only know the fonts are uniform by eyeballing it since as far as Storyline knows they're all the same, even though they're not. And even if it says 14 pt, you don't know if that's true. I honestly can't believe this has remained this long without an easy way to undo it. No Autofit should be default. Inconsistent fonts are the bane of the designer's existence!

James Brack

Is there any status update to this? I agree that the default state for any new text box/button copy should be DO NOT AUTOFIT. This would be a huge timesaver, especially with multiple choice questions that end up changing sizes with the different states.

If for some reason someone would want their text size to be controlled by the box, than leave that as an option, but not the default.