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Jun 30, 2021

Hey there everyone,

The new implementation of text boxes to only have scrolling, fit width, and fit height to Storyline has broken some of our template designs, as we relied on the auto-resize to fit for some text elements like variables with user inputs. Since we don't know what the user will put into the course, or what the input will be, we needed that resizing feature so that text from the user will fit correctly inside of elements we create.

I was curious if there was a way to get back to that functionality instead of the scrolling functionality.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Anthony!

There isn't a way to remove the Text Autofit Enhancements in Storyline 360 (Build 3.52.25156.0). For what you're looking to create, I'd recommend changing the textboxes to Expand Height. This will keep all of the text on the slide without using scrollbars. Another option would be to return to a previous version that doesn't include this feature. 

Donna   Gingera

Is there a way of turning this off, or reverting. This is messing up all our templates. Been an extremely frustrating weekend.


I see you said revert to a previous version - of our courses or of the software? If we have to revert to a previous of our courses we would lose all the work we have done. So, I am hoping you mean software.

Ren Gomez

Hi Hour-Zero,

I'm sorry to hear it's been a frustrating weekend! To help clarify, Lauren was referring to the backup version that was created when the option to upgrade the project text came up.

Once you switch in your current file, there's no way to revert or turn off the feature. We've received feedback on the trouble that this new feature has presented for upgraded projects and I wanted to recap here:

When a project is upgraded to use text autofit enhancements, unexpected scroll bars sometimes appear. These scrollbars are due to text areas having extra lines, text, or other elements that overflow the bounds or margins of the shape.

These tips will help avoid these issues:

  • Remove blank lines at the end of the text box: Check that the end of your text is indeed the end; otherwise, Storyline will assume that an extra line needs to be read, and a scroll bar will appear.
  • Remove extra margin space in the text within shapes: Extra margin space can cause text to overflow the bounds of the shape. Remove that extra margin space by right-clicking on the shape and formatting the Text Box to remove unnecessary margins.

If there are any other troubled spots we can review, please let us know. You can connect with our Support Team here.

Ren Gomez

Hi Hour-Zero,

I wanted to follow up and relay some updates regarding the Text Autofit feature.

Our Product Manager, Simon, shared in the discussion below some actions we're taking to help alleviate the pain points you're experiencing. Over the coming weeks, we’ll release an update that temporarily disables the default autofit feature while we make more improvements. 

Update on Recent Text Autofit Enhancements in Storyline 360

We appreciate the time you all have taken to share your concerns, and we'll let you know when there's more news to share.

Ren Gomez

Hi Anthony and Hour-Zero,

We just released another update for Articulate 360, and thanks to your feedback, Text Autofit Improvements are no longer enabled by default.

This means, starting with this update, all new and existing projects that haven’t upgraded project text will remain with the legacy settings. If you have a project with text autofit enabled, you can update Storyline 360, then import the slides into a new project as they will not have the text autofit settings enabled.

Then, when you're ready, you can upgrade project text at any time to make the text more accessible to all learners. You can read more about this and all the new features and fixes below!