Scrolling Panel + Variable + JavaScript Issues

Jun 12, 2020

Good afternoon! I am doing a proof-of-concept for pulling text from elsewhere, using JavaScript, and having it placed within a scrolling text box. 

I cannot get the text to work within the scrolling box. No matter what options I check (don't auto-format/do auto-format, resize to shape/don't resize to shape, etc.) it keeps shrinking the text very very tiny. I cannot get it to work correctly.

The JavaScript is working correctly, it is the variable/text box/scrolling box that is causing problems. 

Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong?

Thank you. I appreciate it. 

You can see it in action here: 

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Steve Gannon

Hi Rhianna,

Have you tried setting the text box to "Do not autofit" and then extending the width and height  of the text box? I would try setting the width to about 20 pixels less than the width of the scrolling panel (to accommodate the scrollbar itself) and extend the height to at least the height of the scrolling panel. If you anticipate a very long list of text, you may need to drag the height of the text box beyond the bottom of the scrolling panel.

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