Dials, Knobs, Sliders

Apr 13, 2021

Hello!  I am a public school teacher and have been wanting to create lessons to use with my students as well as sell them to other teachers using interactive dials, knobs, and sliders.  For example:  The student is given an assignment to demonstrate the daily weather by adjusting the knobs, dials, sliders, etc., on the the virtual weather station.  After that student has set up the station, he or she can submit the assignment and I can evaluate their settings. (ex. student can turn the dial to show that it's sunny versus cloudy)  Each student will need to be able to do their own work individually and submit it.  I have been having a tough time finding programs like this that I can add into Powerpoint or other user friendly programs for students and teachers to use.  Help!!!  Ideas? 

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Matthew Malandro

Hi Chad,

I found this article on dials very helpful.

I found this E-Learning Heroes discussion to have an interesting solution for interactive knobs

I also found this discussion on using sliders for graded questions helpful and it may be applicable to your situation. 

I hope this information can be helpful, best of luck!