Difficulty importing download templates in 30-day free trial

Jul 11, 2012

I've been exploring Storyline during the Free 30-day trial and wonder if there are limitations to what can be done during this time? Are imports limited during this time?

I've been trying to download and import some of the templates, such as SimpleTabs, but I repeatedly get error message pop-ups from within Storyline.  They won't let me copy the text, so I've attached a screen grab. 


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Andrew Elder

Meryem, welcome to Heroes! I tried to download the same template pack (Simple Tabs) and encountered a different variation of your error, but there is hope! I tried again; this time I closed out of Storyline first. When I clicked to Download the file, I chose to Open (instead of Save) and it worked like a charm. Just to be sure, I closed and opened Storyline again, and the template was waiting for me like an old friend.Try Opening with Storyline closed first and see if that makes a difference.

Kyle Main

Are there known things that are disabled in the 30-day trial?  At work I'm using the full version and just learning for the first time starting yesterday, and my 30-day trial on my home computer was just installed.   I am learning and I don't want to find workarounds for things that are known not to work in a 30 day trial.

All I'm doing is testing and mockup files, nothing with real content.

I noticed that on my 30-day trial, I could import a logo, and it was viewable via the Flash Player, so I could right-click on my Mac and zoom in, but I could not size it down, and It didn't give me the option to put it around my interface without using the side bar????  I really want the logo at the top left above the dropdown menu -  This seems like a basic layout that I couldn't achieve.

Please Share what features are not available to the 30-day Trial download.

THanks SOOOOO much,

Kyle G. Main

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