Dilemma Adding SWF Files to Slide

I'm creating SWF in Animate CC that contain interaction such as clickable items that reveal info and Q&A animations. The problem is if I insert them into the slide using the insert video function, I can control the pause button and volume button in the player but the onscreen interactions no longer work. If I insert a SWF using insert flash then I get the opposite effect whereas the on screen interactions work but I have no control over the pause and volume functions.

How do I get both to work?

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Kamil Nowek

Hi Aaron. I'm afraid that this is not possible. When you insert swf as video, you can control volume and play/pause but there is no possibility to have interaction inside of that video. On the other hand, if you add something as flash, you can have a possibility to have interaction, but you lose control of volume nad stop and play. I have one extra idea, but its a bit complicated:

- you can use JS;

- you should create variable f.e. "play"

- you should build inside of your swf something like listener and check if play is false, stop your swf, if true, play your swf

- the same situation with sound (attached example).


Kamil Nowek

import flash.events.*;
import flash.display.*;
import flash.media.*;
import flash.utils.*;
import flash.external.*;

var s:SoundTransform;
var myTimer:Timer;

function timerListener(_arg1:TimerEvent):void
var _local2:String = ExternalInterface.call("GetPlayer().GetVar", "muteToggle");
if (_local2 == "false")
this.s.volume = 0;
SoundMixer.soundTransform = this.s;
this.s.volume = 1;
SoundMixer.soundTransform = this.s;
s = new SoundTransform();
myTimer = new Timer(250);