Disable Next button in SL2 until all hot spots have been clicked on the screen?

May 15, 2015

I have been searching and watching some videos - but i can't seem to find an easy way to disable the Next button in the player until my user has clicked all hot spots on the screen. I have learned how to do it if my clickable objects had states, but hot spots do not have states. I am sure I could probably do it with varialbes, but wondering if there is an easier way that I am not seeing. Seems like it would be a common thing folks would want to do now that the Next button (and other player buttons) can be controlled with states.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Regina

Trigger next button to disabled when timeline starts

Add some shapes off stage - same number as the hotspots you have.  Trigger the shapes to change state when the hotspot is clicked.

Then when all states have changed state trigger the next button to normal.

Hope that helps - shout out if need more help with it.

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